Incapital Index 65.65​


Incapital Index 10.68


Incapital Index 22.00


Incapital’s strategy is aimed at acquiring equity interests in listed and non-listed companies, with the aim of increasing shareholder value in the long term. When selecting listed investment candidates, we rationally assess the financial balance of companies based on a mathematical data model of the last five annual accounts. We call this Insider Investing by using the Incapital Index.

At non-listed, Incapital invests in companies with strong and sustainable market positions and good long-term prospects where there is the opportunity to grow the company through acquisitions. Our international investment focus is on European and North American companies that are active in niche markets worldwide.


Incapital has a varied portfolio including investments in:

  • Novartis
  • Shell
  • Total

* Financial companies and real estate funds are excluded due to different balance sheet structures

* Investing involves risks. Your investment may become less valuable

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